Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Howard Phillips Hovercraft

Just a quick note to point out my Lovecraftian mixtape to any readers who might be interested, linked in the sidebar and right here in this very paragraph. Not exhaustive, for sure, but it's not too bad a survey of metal, rock and esoterica more or less inspired by HPL.

(With gratitude to the Onion AV Club commenter who uses HP Hovercraft as his handle)

SEE ALSO: Arzachel, Aazthoth. Fantastic bit of eldritch psych I haven't got in my personal collection.


Sham aka Dave said...

Hmmm I'd never heard of Muxtape before. Cool stuff. I'll have to play around with it som.

By the way, Max. I noticed in your profile that you listed Rushmore. Damn Sam. I love that movie! I often tell people that every good movie has Bill Murray in it. It's my favorite Wes Anderson flick, although I really enjoyed TRT and LAWSZ as well.

Double Wham!, you also listed Robyn Hitchcok. I Often Dream of Trains, and Man With the Light Bulb Head are classics in my tiny little bit of the universe.

You Sir, have excellent taste.


Max said...


Bill Murray has an incredible knack for seeming to phone it in with total commitment to the role. Pauline Kael described his performance in the first Ghostbusters as jaded -- not only in his character's response to the film's events, but in his own response to the film as an actor. He rests lightly on a film (usually; he settles rather heavily into Broken Flowers, to good effect). So, um, yeah, I like him!

Wes Anderson had an incredible run from Bottle Rocket through Life Aquatic. Darjeeling Express was a little like tea grown cold in the pot. Still very accomplished and lovely to look at though.

I'm not one for having favorites -- why do I have to conscribe my enthusiasms? But I'm closer to being a Robyn Hitchcock completist than I am with anyone else.

Anyway...thanks for stopping by. Any feedback on HPH or any future mixtapes is welcome!

Max said...

And one thing more, Sham: Dubcast? Linked to from your blog? Excellence without filtration.

Sham aka Dave said...

Speaking of which, brand new and recently added Dubcast #12 is at the site. I'm listening to it right now.