Saturday, May 10, 2008

Duranmas2: Two for the Doctor

In honor of Duranmas Duranmas, Encounter Critical goes new wave:


# ATT2
ATT %melee 41/ranged 77
Damage1-2 or by weapon/1-12
Hit Points2-12
% Lurk31%
$ Value75
SpecialDisrupt concentration; Break objects

Some speculate that the diminutive gnomi are a hybrid between hyperspace gremlins and deep-space sonar drones. No one knows for certain and it is as good a guess as any other. Only half the height of a hobling, they are great collectors of techno-gadgets and elaborate couture. They will typically be found with 1-4 items, some as useful as an extra-dimensional coin wallet, others merely shiny widgets and doo-dads. They spend much of their time in singing practice.

Gnomis prefer to attack with ranged weapons such as lightning ray pistols (as stun ray + 2-5 damage) or rubberband lazers (damage 2-7; range 20"/220"; can be used to snap target from 1-10" away from attacker or as a lasso). They also attack with a falsetto sonic song which affects a 20" cone. This scream will disrupt spellcasting or psionics unless a Psi Resist role is made. A Gnomi can roll a Lesser Feat of 45% or lower to damage a single small item it targets with its falsetto; a Greater Feat of 2% or lower disintegrates.

MP3: Klaus Nomi, Rubberband Lazer

Frenchie Rockets, robo-doxy
image by Greywulf - click through for gallerySold for scrap by a failing 'bot manu-factory, MLLE-17 was purchased for spare parts by an orcish ham radio buff. Before he could disassemble her, Pig Mallon fell in love with the young robot girl. They were married, moved into the nosecone of an abandoned klengon rocket in the spaceport slums of God City, and set about making a home for themselves. He called her Frenchie.

Disastrously, Pig's shortwave radio hobby caught the attention of Radio Pirates, and he was forced to flee in fear of his life. Frenchie has taken up the quest of finding Pig and rescuing him...or avenging him. She also seeks seed money and investors for Doxy by Proxy, her AM/FM companionship service.

MP3: The Rockets, Future Woman

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I recognize that piccie!

Nice write-ups :)

Jeff Rients said...

Printed out and slipped into my *extra* special EC file.

Dr Rotwang said...

THIS! This is the type of awesome that beeps and boops and lights up for no damn good reason.

Ron said...

Wow, I gotta say the Gnomi is the coolest. According to my "monster family key" I would say (and I want to make ol' Klaus proud here) I'd say most certainly say 6/10 (catagories for bionicles, mutants and such mixed with E.T.). Given his inhuman vocal range and the fact that everyone knows Klaus Nomi never really can die (he just went back to his solar system!), coupled with the coolest robot moves to put any would-be Kraftwerkians in awe. Yep!