Friday, October 3, 2008

Tirapheg Week Concludes: Risus

Tig Harpe Sings Love Songs & Ballads
Tig Harpe

Crooner (4)
Thing That Should Not Be (3)
Three Heads are Better than One (2)
Mobbed Up (1)

Now appearing at the Fiend Follies, a supper club on the dark side of the moon. Two shows nightly.

MP3: Mel Torme, Swingin' On The Moon (Compact Disc - Download)


Michael Curtis said...

That's just so wrong...

I like it, but it's definately a thing That Should Not Be :-)

noisms said...

You must be some sort of mad genius.

Anonymous said...

Fiend Follies. That needs to be a webcomic. Or a humorous game supplement.

Max said...

Fiend Follies

Well, there's this, which can be partially blamed for the notion of a crooning tirapheg in the first place.

And, yeah it occured to me that the Fiend Follies club would make a fun setting for a Risus one shot. Each player picks a monster from the FF, and there's like a tuxedoed death knight crime boss or maybe a rumble with qullan bikers. Berba Lang sounds like femme fatale from Eastern Europe, don't you think?