Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spellbook Schmellbook

Twenty-One Mnemonic Tools for Magic-Users
  1. A book, whether leathern grimoire, apprentice's lesson book, recipe file or collection of dirty limericks which are in fact cunning linguistic mnemonics
  2. A Rune-carved staff or magic wand
  3. The wizard's own beard or hair, with spell components woven into it in a complex arrangement of knots
  4. A pointy wizard's cap, magician's silk top hat or priestly miter.
  5. A talking mirror or mask of the wizard's own face
  6. The shell of a great conch into which new spells are spoken when learned and echoed back each morning
  7. A deck of cards depicting strange glyphs or scenes of thaumaturgical symbolism
  8. A strand of fetishes worn around the neck
  9. A familiar animal or homunculus which dwells in the wizard's robes or pouch, creeping out to whisper spells while its master sleeps.
  10. Pill box, klein bottle or syringe providing a daily dosage of spells
  11. Brazier, censer or pipe from which magic is smoked or inhaled
  12. Yarrow stalks, knuckle bones, or dice with which a day's spells may be divined
  13. A transistor radio tuned to a secret frequency
  14. A star chart or planar codex indicating the locations of the gods, demons or aliens who send the mage her spells
  15. An illustrated broadsheet depicting sacred postures or arcane calisthenics
  16. A cube of shifting cubes, which must be properly ordered according to the enchantments desired
  17. Musical instrument on which spells may be rehearsed
  18. A tiny ceremonial blade and stylus the sorcerer uses to write his spells in blood
  19. Chymical oils, unguents or paints used to mark the wizard's skin
  20. Chess, backgammon or go board on which the day's spells are played through
  21. Mother box, wrist-computer or Personal Dweomer Assistant

Friday, May 1, 2009

My Brain Hurts A Lot

So, I've been listening mostly to Bowie while drawing dungeon maps this week. This morning I got to wondering if I shouldn't throw a magician called Niddala Zane in there or something. Idly pondering the words "Ziggy Stardust...."

...led me to think about Ziggy....

...and Zardoz...

...which is what led to this:

Put your ray gun to my head / Put your space face close to mine, love

MP3: The Moog Cookbook, Ziggy Stardust (Compact Disc - Download)