Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cat Pictures? Really?

Traffic always drops over the weekend anyway, so I'm going to indulge a whim and post pictures of cats and dice. Hey man, whatcanItellya? I have no shame.

Maddie.  She really wanted to chew on that d8.
'Tony.  And that's how GigantiCats made it onto the Encounter Critical monster table.


sirlarkins said...

My personal favorite:


Max said...

Lemme help you with that (I sometimes get BB code & html tags mixed up too!):dndkitteh

Awwww. I've seen that one before -- Is it your photo?

Ktrey said...

One of my players was kind enough to host a few games. He has a cat. The cat loved Dungeons & Dragons.



Max said...

Those are great, Ktrey! Thanks for dropping by.