Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Of Dice, Devotion & Dumpsters

Only this morning I mentioned to my wife that I was looking for a new dicebag, and could she keep an eye out for one on Etsy? So what does she do instead? She hunts up a pattern and knits me one herself! Nifty, eh? Shucks, what a gal!

She had a birthday this weekend, and I want to take a moment to thank her for all the loving things like this she does. I also want to thank her for being patient with my oft bumbling ways. At times I am every bit the archetypal absent-minded professor. Once I left our checkbook on the roof of our car, which was parked on the street. Overnight. I sometimes say that I would forget my head if it weren't bolted on.

In return, I hope she knows how devoted I am to being the man and husband she deserves, even if I may sometimes go about it eccentrically. Say, hypothetically, that I were to rest an envelope containing my wife's birthday present against the wastebasket in my office and forget it there. It would not even occur to me that the cleaning woman might think that something near but not inside the basket was trash, but I can imagine my sinking realization were I to find the package had disappeared overnight. Say, still hypothetically, that there were no time to order a replacement. Faced with this purely illustrative predicament let it be known to all that I would not flinch from my duty, but would bravely roll up my sleeves...and go dumpster diving to prove my love.

So, Happy Birthday, Owl. I may not be a knight in shining armor, but still I bear your token in my heart.


trollsmyth said...

Above and beyond, but I doubt without precedent. Trollhusbands certainly can understand. ;)

Ewe Little Dickens said...

I'm speechless. You realize, don't you, that you are going to have to spill the beans about your adventure in the dumpster?