Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"The Neutralians bear no great love for the people of Artis and Atlantis"

Jeff Rients asked in the comments of a recent post, "Were you this manic before Encounter Critical?"


By way of evidence, two pages from a sixth grade school project:

Sulfur City doesn't *sound* like a nice place  to be a tourist

 'Died in fighted,' indeed


Jeff Rients said...

Great stuff! I asked primarily because EC was like a pulling a blindfold from my eyes and being able to really see the impossibilities of roleplaying for the very first.

Max said...

Sure, I can dig that. As a music nerd and pop culture participant-observer EC really grabbed my ganglions. If I want to do a mashup of Elric & Edgar Winter who wields a soul-eating synthesizer (and believe me, I do want to!) EC is a perfect match.

letsdamage said...

Man, this makes me want to find the five or six spiral-bound notebooks filled with maps, characters, and bad Rifts fanfic my fifteen-year-old self wrote. I have them hidden away somewhere.

Scott said...

Somebody *really* dug the Amber books.

Max said...

Blizack: Bad fanfic you say? Here's some of the Gamma World variety.

Scott: Oh yeah. Still do, at least the original Chronicles.

Scott said...

I really wish I had the reams and reams of paper I filled with gaming material as a teen -- composition notebooks, looseleaf paper, index cards, legal pads, form-feed, even stacks of stuff I printed out on a daisywheel. I feel like that was probably my most fertile imaginative period.

Unfortunately, one of my more irritating character traits is a tendency to get rid of old stuff. I don't have one single artifact of my younger days. :(