Monday, March 16, 2009

Thirty Wizards of Wohoon

  1. The Abominable Anton Phraint
  2. Aname Rebus, lexicomancer, cabalist and dungeon cartographer.
  3. Armored-In-Teeth, Papa Shark's horse, sea dwarf houngan.
  4. Black Jenkin, Eater of Cats, a goblin fevercloak.
  5. The Blue Witch, Arfuun of the Husk
  6. Brindle the Skiver, were-rat curio merchant and unabashed recruiter for the lycanthropic lifestyle.
  7. Doctor Optogon (Uncle Spider, Old Twelve-Eyes), the beholder librarian of deChirico. Flightless but quite mobile in his arcano-mechanical spider harness.
  8. Elruss Wu Jinn (Old Dirty Bastard), madman, mushroom eater, master of the 36 Hexagrams.
  9. Falash the Leech, a healer, of sorts.
  10. Geenya Dare, the Child Lich of Roonok.
  11. Gusten Cipher, a moleman monster-builder specialized in flesh golems.
  12. Idal Rodavlas, Archaeo-mnemo-dweomerist.
  13. Iovolovoi, Mirror of Dawn, Fulcrum of Noonday, Warder of Dusk, high priest of a sun god chained to a pillar in the desert.
  14. Ishkish the Cutter
  15. Kibreel Shellback, lizard-man witch doctor of Ten Tree Fen and Binyah Sump.
  16. Laughing Margett, druidess and blood-drinker, whose mirth bares a mouthful of thorns
  17. Mamsy Illmazer, Mother Ulcer, goblin clanmother and fevercloak.
  18. Moon Mad, the Voice of Bronze, a collective mind that animates a score of living bronze statues scattered across Wohoon.
  19. The Protean, a colossal mass of seething sentient mud, crackling with radiation and insane with the magic of the scores of wizards it has enveloped.
  20. Ooloosk the Whisperer
  21. Orvix Alt, a moleman monster-builder specialized in gargantua.
  22. Otsana Muraz, enchantress and bandit queen, leading her charmed bravos against slavers and merchants alike.
  23. Shining Obwoon, a princeling of the elves, grown so fat with sweetmeats and nectar he can no longer stand.
  24. Suling, Hermit of the Bamboo, a mendicant monk with a cloak of bells and a basket over his head, piping strange tunes on a reed flute.
  25. Thomas Nodisen Alv, Wizard of Olmen Peak, machine-mage. "The chief function of the body is to carry the brain around;" he is rebuilding his own body for the fourth time.
  26. Tolobeq the Imp, inventorist of the junk heaps of Oscura.
  27. Triskelion
  28. Yugnav Sety (the Sleeper, the Silent Captain), adrift on the Sea of Clocks in a rusted iron barque, dreaming a thousand-year-dream.
  29. Zemyel Vetch (Wretch, Twitch), itinerant alchemist, abuser of his own wares, sometime venefice.
  30. Zosimos Umon, an accident of magic, a homunculus born of a drop of a wizard's blood and the clay where the blood was spilled.

MP3: Mariee Sioux, Wizard (Compact Disc & Download)
Early version of a track from Mariee's debut album. Final version and lots more at her Myspace page.
MP3: Gianluigi Trovesi, C'era una strega, c'era una fata (Compact Disc & Download)
Once upon a time in the witch wood...


Victor Raymond said...

These are entirely too cool for words. Thank you!

Max said...

Glad you like them, Victor. Watch for a few to appear in more detail in future posts.

Dave Hendrick said...

Is Dr. Optogon's real name Keith or perhaps Matthew?

Does Elruss Wu Jinn also go by Peanut the Kidnapper?

Ishkish the Cutter sounds emo.

The Protean just sounds frickin' rad as all hell.

Triskelion...thought there was a monster in one of the AD&D books called a Triskellion, but I was thinking of a Trilloch.

Yugnav Sety is not that different from Ulutiu of The Forgotten Realms.

Max said...

Dr Optogon: Some say his real name is Otto Octavius.

ElRuss Wu Jinn: Shimmy shimmy ya shimmy yo shimmy yay

Ishkish: Pain is all that keeps him from feeling dead inside, you know? *Your* pain, that is.

The Protean: Cross between the Fiend Folio enveloper and the mud monster from X The Unknown.

Yugnav Sety: Not familiar with Ulutiu, though the name alone is pleasing. I was thinking of Moorcock, judging from my description.