Sunday, March 15, 2009

It Came from My Hi-Fi...

My Sunday soundtrack lately has been a playlist built from the killer clips featured on Monster Movie Music 1950-1969. They're like some kind of mad scientists of stereophonic sound, digging up mostly obscure old movies, chopping together scraps of score music, dialog and sound effects and resurrecting them as digital Frankenstein monsters in the World of Tomorrow, 2009.

Eegah contributes to this blog!  Eegah!
Forced metaphors aside, check them out. If like me you grew up watching late night monster movies and Saturday afternoon Creature Features you'll have a blast browsing their archives.

MP3: Dimension X, The Martian Chronicles (CD or Download)
Noise/improv rockers Massimo Pupillo, Chris Corsano and David Chalmin travel to the Red Planet


Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Anybody named Max is all right in our book! It takes a certain mentality to fully comprehend what we do, Max is obviously some kind of genius!! Thanx!

Max said...

No need to thank me, E!!R!andT! You're the dudes supplying all the great music.

Glad you stopped by. If you drop in again, here's an old post of mine I bet you'll dig.