Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ten Sides of Crusty

Got crappy dice? Maybe you got one that's old and rolled out, or the dog chewed on it, or it dropped behind the radiator never to be seen again till you got the carpets cleaned before moving out of that one apartment with the ant problem. Maybe it sat in a damp basement for a few years while you pursued a more "normal" hobby like bowling or fantasy baseball.

Well, now you can trade 'em in. Got a hankering to win a booby prize stolen from an old stoner's bedroom? Check out Rondo's Fugly Dice Contest. Maybe you'll win a thirty year old copy of Penthouse Digest, or a groovy poster of that one poem about heroin. Maybe an out of date Rockford Fosgate catalog or a bandanna with a hole burned in it where a hot ember broke off a stick of incense. Fantastic prizes can be had from any damn contest, but only Rondo guarantees the sort of crap you wouldn't pay a quarter for at a yard sale. So check it out!


Scott said...

I wish I still had my Moldvay "Dragon Dice." :(

Max said...

Dragon Dice? Like these? Those are super bad.

My Moldvay Basic set had a set of yellow dice, only one of which survives.

Scott said...

The dice that came with Moldvay were "DRAGON DICE(tm) Randomizers" ... you could buy them in cardboard blister packs, too. Like these:

Scott said...

Phooey. URL too long. :(

Max said... is your address squishing pal, Scott. You can even snag a toolbar button for your browser!

Scott said...

Here we go:

I want a full set of original Dragon Dice, but I have to complete my OD&D and JG collections first.

Ron said...

Thanks for the phasic "heads up" Max, ol' buddy! Sho' nuff super cool stuff pilin' up. Check the latest entry: we have snagged some SWEET redneck booty from the island of D2! You oughta see some of this classic crap. Every entry will get something worthless and cool...we're gonna keep stealin' until D2 kicks one of our sorry butts!