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Villains of Vanth: Broken Hearts Clan

The Broken Hearts Clan control the lucrative vending machine and carny games rackets in Bloodhaven. Most of the Clan are goblings. Theories abound on the provenance of goblings -- some allege they are nocturnal hoblings, others insist they are a surface-dwelling goblin tribe. Some even say they are a hybrid of the two races, but since a tendency toward foul tempers and revengeful natures is one fact about goblings which is not in dispute, they say so quietly.

Currently the Broken Hearts are led by the rakish Roff the Gob. His lieutenants are the shaggy klengish warlock Mothreena, the half-gator, half-gob, all-badass skater Cubeena, and "Wrench" Toffling, visionary, inventor and charlatan.

(Numbers in some of the backgrounds refer to level-advancement tasks

Mothreena the Mysterious (Warlock 5)

Mothreena keeps her background a closely held mystery, though it isn't unusual really: blissful childhood as the doted upon daughter of a modestly successful klengon arms dealer; predictable rejection of her family in her rebellious teen years; drudge, apprentice, lover and ultimately killer of an older wizard. All too dull and bourgeois, and not at all in keeping with the Mothreena‘s immense self-regard. She sees herself as a queen, ermined by her magick-induced beard and pelt, and she wields her hauteur like a royal scepter.

Loathe to sully herself with menial tasks and impatient by nature, Mothreena is quick to use Ensorcel for many small chores, despite the damage this abuse of magic does to her mundane abilities. Major spells of her invention include Wall of Silk and the senses befuddling Mystery. Her familiar is a drakcat summoned with her spell Magic Pet.

Runcible "Wrench" Toffling (Scientist 3/Criminal 1)

A brilliant theoretician but prone to over-promise and under-deliver, Runcible “Wrench” Toffling has often found his genius diverted from exploring the mysteries of creation to escaping his creditors. He’s currently hired on with the Broken Hearts clan, having found that duping the rubes is as much a science as chemistry or electronics. He still dreams, however, of building a fully Tesseractive Buckminster Sphere, and thereby ending Vanth’s isolation from galactic commerce. Or so he tells potential patrons, anyway.

Tofflings Lofting Lifts (telescoping shoes for the height conscious hobling; mainly used by second story men)
(S3) Probability Cloak (attackers take 25% penalty to hit)
(C1) Despite failing utterly to build a Free Energy Machine; Wrench succeeded wildly at selling it to credulous investors

Cubeena Gleam (Biker 2/Warrior 2)

It is rumored that Cave Alligator lizard-matrons devour all but the strongest of their spawn. If you ask Cubeena about it she has a ready answer that starts with her fist and rhymes with your face. On her best behavior she is surly, foul-mouthed and abrasive, and she's not going to take a snipped nickel’s worth of crap from the likes of you. What she does when she isn’t skating or sparring is not your business, dig? And you don't ever wanna talk smack about her mother.

Despite her grouchy ways, Cubeena is well-liked by her fellow Broken Hearts Clan goblings, and though they may jeer at her (behind her back, natch), they respect her and do what she asks. This has caused some conflict with the imperious Mothreena.

Cubeena is sweet on Wrench, who keeps her deck and trucks running smoothly. By which I mean her skateboard, perv.

In her youth Cubeena was Jury Prize winner and crowd fave at the Trog Agog All-Cave Biker Tourney. Other highlights of her career include the (W1) slaying of an orc chieftain in a skate-by with her gavial ax, and the (B2) perfection of the Alligator Oop, a ramp-assisted self-cannonball maneuver, which she (W2) used to crumple the giantess Vogra the Ogra by smashing her with an armored hobling.

Gladiatrix Armor
Gavial Ax
.38 revolver
Armored Hobling (requires successful use of the biker class Radical skill)
Portable Glow Stick (she is sluggish in cool weather)
Meat Jerky

Rofford "Gob" Boggins (Criminal 6)

A gobling from Bloodhaven, Rofford the Gob began his criminal career shilling counterfeit god-tokens during high festival season on the Hierophants' Isle. (It's anyone's guess how the pan-animist Suldukus can tell a real god from a fake.) Incarcerated on a prison ship, Gob (2) soon controlled the convicts’ black market, while charming the brig commandant into making him trustee and chief deck swab. This misplaced trust gave Gob the freedom he needed to (3) organize a mutiny and steer the ship to the freebooting Mercenary Coast, where he hung his shingle as an expert lock snip and fingersmith. Hired and betrayed by Blackhawk’s chancellor, (4) a burglary turned into an assassination when Gob was forced to kill the adenoidal Prince and his guard to escape. He fled through the endless dungeon 'neath Blackhawk Castle and in the course of adventures there (5) stole a Magic Ring from the cave hobling Mugs Allgloome. He emerged at last from the dungeon in the forest near Bloodhaven, hitchhiked into the city, and (6) promptly won control of the Broken Hearts Clan by beating the former chief in three straight hands of Crooked Vulkin.

Gob is remarkably angelic for a gobling. His tousled auburn curls frame so boyish and naive seeming a face that’s he is often mistaken for a tyro or simpleton. He turns this to his advantage with merchants, thieves and women alike, including his current lover Mothreena.

Elf Silver Chain
Stungun and Bee Girl Stiletto with Orc Spice poison
Talisman of Phasics
Cursed Ring of Invisibility (allows true invisibility; powered by bad deeds)

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