Friday, July 4, 2008


As seen on pictobots, vidscreens and holodromes across Vanth, now beamed via technomystick satellite directly to the black hole metal plate in my skull, 100 million lonely mutants want their V-TV:


Sham aka Dave said...

I think I vaguely remember this song-is that possible? I've never heard of Jonzun Crew, though.

Classic '80's stuff, there. What ever happened to 'fun' Rap?

Edsan said...

Wow! Look at all the kitsch.

Thanks for Billy Ocean’s “Loverboy”. I saw part of that video clip ONCE when I was a toddler and it the picture of the inhuman rider in the beach has haunted me since. I finally know what it is.

Max said...

Sham: I'm not really an expert in the genre, but I think party rap jams are still out there. They've kind of diverged from the main hip hop scene though, I think?

I just catch a buzz off those old synths and the gratuitous vocoder abuse. The Jonzun Crew album is long out of print, but you can score the whole thing here, uh, semi-legit (guessing you'll probably dig the rest of the linked blog too, some seriously excellent punk, hardcore, and new wave archaeology going on there.)

Edsan: Awesome!
*Viennese accent* Tell me about your childhood.

It's like you were destined for Mutant Future. Glad to help you make sense of it all.