Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tirapheg Week Resumes: Mazes & Minotaurs

Sticking more closely to the original beast, here's a version for Revised Mazes & minotaurs.


Taxonomy : Animate
Description : Living stone guardians with three arms, three legs, and three heads, seeming not so much carved as fused together from broken statuary. The heads may be male, female or bestial. The central arm is formed into a grasping claw, while the other two are shaped into fists or wield stone weapons.
Size : Large
Ferocity : Dangerous +2
Cunning : Alert +1
Mystique : Eldritch +2
Movement : 90’
Initiative : 15
Melee Attack : +6 (3 attacks)
Damage : 2d6 (claw and fists or weapons)
Defense Class : 18
Hits Total : 24
Detection / Evasion : +8 / +4
Mystic Fortitude : +4
Special Abilities : Camouflage (ruins or stone walls), Crushing Damage (claw), Grapple (Might 20), Mindless, Multiple Heads, Natural Armor, Sixth Sense, Stealthy.
Unique Ability : Extra Attack. A Tripodocephalos can attack up to three times per round instead of twice as most Large creatures do.
Awards : Glory 220, Wisdom 40.

Additional Lore : Tripodocephaloi are found in crumbling ruins, underground vaults, and desecrated holy places. They act as guardians for shrines, tombs and other sites and are never found wandering without purpose. Their origins are mysterious: some point to legends telling of temple thieves cursed into stone by the gods, while others feel the tripodocephaloi are constructed by mortal priests or magicians. A few eccentric scholars even argue they are made by gorgons as some cruel sort of artwork or jest.


Edsan said...

I haven't bothered to read M&M rules yet, even if I have downloaded the whole bunch.

Is this writeup for the basic version or the advanced one?

Max said...

This is for Revised Monsters & Manuals. I had forgotten about the 'original version.'

Revised is pretty cool -- haven't played but it seems like a very smooth blend of old school and d20 ideas. Interesting magic system. It uses spell points which I don't favor, but doesn't have the proliferation of spells we've had in D&D since, oh, the 1e PHB or thereabouts.