Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Popular Science: Rondo's JM Screen

When I entered Rondo's Fugly Dice contest I has no expectations of anything but a novelty prize. All the man promised was loot swagged from an old stone's crib, after all. Maybe if I get real lucky, I thought, he sends me a souvenir shot glass from a nudey bar called Beansnappers.

But Rondo had a grander plan. Behold, True Scientific Realism, DIY style...

Groovin' High

And lo, there shall come...The Cat!

The mighty Thrazar faces a ferocious feline foe in...Trapped in the Duo-Dimension!


Ron said...

Aw! Kitty is checkin' to see how much damage a tab collar from a Thrazar shirt does in damage!

Edsan said...

That looks like a big kitty. You have a predilection for large felines Max!

Max said...

Rondo: Thrazar should watch it. That kitty is not to be trifled with.

Edsan: You should see his sister. She puts the lardbutt in Rubenesque

Edward Ott said...