Saturday, October 4, 2014

Wandering Monster Charts of Dubious Utility

Body Snatchers (d12)

1. Astral Searcher
2. Doppelganger
3. Enveloper
4. Ghost
5. Haunt
6. Imorph
7. Intellect Devourer
8. Magic Jarred by evil wizard
9. Magnesium Spirit
10. Vagabond
11. Yellow Musk Creeper
12. Zygom

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry DM (d8)

1. Bookworm
2. Crypt Thing
3. Disenchanter
4. Gremlinb
5. Hound of Ill Omen
6. Little Blue Bolts of Lightning shooting directly at characters' heads
7. Nilbog
8. Rust Monster

Ooze Rainbow (d30)

1. Black Pudding
2. Black Slimea
3. Black Were-Ooze (Fool's Banea)
4. Blue Slimea
5. Brown Mold
6. Brown Pudding
7. Crumblera
8. Crystal Ooze
9. Denzelian
10. Dun Pudding
11. Emerald Oozea
12. Gelatinous Cube
13. Gibbering Mouther
14. Glafta
15. Gold Slimea
16. Gray Ooze
17. Green Slime
18. Lava Oozeb
19. Mustard Jelly
20. Ocher Were-Jellya
21. Ochre Jelly
22. Olive Slime
23. Russet Mold
24. Silver Slimea
25. Slithering Tracker
26. Stunjelly
27. Symbiotic Jelly
28. White Pudding
29. White Slimea
30. Yellow Mold

The Walls Have XP (2d8)

2. Protein Polymorph ("They may imitate anything from a pile of treasure to small-sized room, to a party of half dozen humans or a dozen kobolds.")
3. Cloaker ("Black eyespots cover its back like buttons on a cloak, and when the tail is hidden it is almost impossible to distinguish from a real cloak.")
4. Living Statueb (Amusingly, the Rules Compendium hints, "Not every statue in a campaign should be a living statue. If every statue in a campaign is a living statue, PCs will know that any statue they see can attack them.")
5. Stunjelly
6. Gold Bug
7. Bowler
8. Lurker Above
9. Mimic
10. Trapper
11. Piercer
12. Kampfult ("[A]ppearing to be ropes or a net, the monster surprises the unwary.")
13. Roper ("These monsters can stand upright in order to resemble a pillar or stalagmite or flatten themselves at full length upon the floor so as to look like nothing more than a hump." A hump of ropes...?)
14. Free-roaming animated object (e.g. broom, table, dagger...or rope. Look, you just shouldn't trust ropes is all.)
15. Storoper ("appears to be a small statue of a roper," lol.)
16. Wandering Pit

a: Arduin

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